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About the HDR Supervision Fellowship Program

In May 2018 a new approach to developing good practice in HDR Supervision at MQ will be introduced. This new approach focuses on providing strong support for early career supervisors, early career professional staff supporting the HDR candidate's journey, and providing reward and recognition for all HDR Supervisors, through an HDR Fellowship Program. 

The MQ HDR Supervision Framework

The architecture of the HDR Fellowship Program was designed by A/P Merilyn Childs, the Convenor of the HDR Supervision Enhancement Program. The first step to developing the Program was to design an HDR Supervision Framework, drawing on numerous influences. The Framework provides an overarching structure for the HDR Supervision Fellowship Program. This is summarised below. READ MORE.
The following diagram outlines the four dimensions of the Framework:

Criteria and components of the Framework

The Framework has four criteria, and numerous components. Visit a full version of the Framework here. The Framework overall, and the criteria and components provides a tool that can be used to plan what evidence might be presented to apply for a Fellowship. It also is used to plan the Associate Fellow Training Pathway. 

Fellowship Categories

In 2018 early career academics and professional staff will be able to complete a Training Pathway to Associate Fellow.
From 2019 MQ professional & academic staff will be able to apply for the following generalist fellowships using evidence of good practice in response to the HDR Supervision Framework.
  • Associate Fellow
  • Fellow
  • Senior Fellow
  • Honorary Fellow
MQ professional & academic staff will also be able to apply for the following specialist Fellowships in 2019: supervising in a digital age, career diversification.
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