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HDR Supervision Orientation (2019)

In 2018 following a university wide consultation excercise Academic Senate approved:

The Higher Degree Research Supervision Policy which specifies the fundamental principles and appointment provisions underpinning higher degree research (HDR) supervision at Macquarie University.


The Higher Degree Research Supervision Procedure which specifies the roles and responsibilities associated with the supervision of higher degree research (HDR) candidates.


With the exception of Adjuncts* and End-User Supervisors*, from 2018, all Supervisors, must have completed the mandatory online training/tasks, via iLearn - HDR30, requirements for HDR Supervision prior to their appointment.

* Training must be completed within the first 12 weeks of appointment.


Once completed (the time taken is up to you) your training will be 'validated' by the Office Dean HDR and remains current for 4 years. Normally you will be notified of the validation within 5 working days via email.

Normally within 10 working days of validation your HROnline training record will be updated showing completion of HDR30. This action will automatically (normally within 24 hours) listed you on the 'Find your Research Supervisor' website.

For the purposes of being appointed, see Procedure section 4.1HDR Supervision Procedure Flowchart (extract below), as HDR Supervisor/Manager colleagues in your faculty will need to see evidence that you have completed the mandatory training. This can be demonstrated by:

1. Intially, the confirmatory training completion and validation email from the Office Dean HDR.

2. When the systems update, your listing on the 'Find your Research Supervisor' website.

For more information read the text opposite and follow the relevent web links.

New staff and Adjunct HDR Supervisors:

Using your MQ OneID:

1. Register for HDR30 via HROnline

If you are new to HROnline CLICK HERE

2. Self-enrol and complete the tasks (see the learning outcomes below) in HDR30 "HDR Supervision Orientation 2019" through a self-paced online Module in iLearn.

If you are new to iLearn CLICK HERE

Experienced Supervisors may be able to complete some activities through pre-existing evidence.

All newly appointed Adjunct Supervisors only need to complete Learning Outcomes 1 & 3 within 12 weeks of their appointment. To obtain access to HROnline and the iLearn site you will need a MQ OneID (if necessary please seek advice from your Faculty HDR Manager).

Please note: after completion of HDR30 - HDR Supervision Orientation 2018validation normally takes up to five working days. Your HDR30 HROnline training completion record is then normally updated within 10 working days after the validation date (click here for a short 5 minute video introduction).


Learning Outcomes (click here to download more details):

Participants will:

1. Engage with strategy and governance at MQ 

2. Reflect on, and plan to gain recognition of, HDR

    Supervision practices

3. Engage with people and communities who support

    HDR Supervision at MQ

4. Understand the mandatory HDR Supervision and

    Cultural Safety Module

5. Think through an HDR Supervision problem

6. Demonstrate candidature management planning

7. Complete a digital profile

For further information please see our Q&A Blogs:

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