This HDR Supervision website is administered by the Macquarie University HDR Supervision team.

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Find your HDR30 training record in HR Online

In order to be appointed as an HDR Supervisor, you need to have HDR30 HDRSupervsion Orientation 2019 on your HR Online Training Record.
For further information about HDR Supervision training and to find your record click HERE
1. Login to HR Online 
2. Click on 'My HR' for the drop-down menu. Select 'Training and Development'
3. Two options appear. Select 'Training History'
4. A search box will appear. Leave the fields blank. Hit 'find' and all your training history will appear.
5. HDR30 will look like this if it is on your training history (start date will vary)
6. Print or take a screenshot of your training history. You can now provide this as evidence that you are current with mandatory training for appointment as an HDR Supervisor. See the appointment process here.
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