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2016 Mental Health First Aid Pilot Program


Step 1: Watch the welcome video
Step 2: Orient to the MHFA Blended Learning Course for White Collar Workplace

Read the information provided by MHFA about this course.

Step 4: Made your commitment? Choose one face-to-face workshop that suits you, and register

Step 5: Make sure you have received the Manual 

The manual was mailed to you via internal mail on 26/7/2016 to the address shown in the MQ Directory. If it has not arrived, please go looking for it! You get to keep the manual, or you may consider using it as a Faculty or School resource.

Before the online component of the course becomes available - have a skim and scan!

Step 3: Make a commitment - or withdraw

We are hoping everyone who put their hand up to do the course will do so - but we are realistic, and know that things change over time. If you feel after this orientation that you can't commit the time to complete the course, please let me know. I can allocate the online voucher to someone else.

Watch the (generic) Video below 

Step 6: Be ready to receive your personal login code

On Monday August 15th 2016 I will send you an email. That email will provide you with your personal login information for the online component of the MHFA blended learning course for white collar workplaces.

When you decide to start and complete the 6 hour online component will be determined by your personal circumstances, and the timing of the face-to-face workshop that you choose. That said: you must attend a face-to-face workshop in 2016. We cannot guarantee offering the program again in 2017.

You could for example, do the nominal 6 hours soon, and attend the first face-to-face workshop option in October. Or you may not have time right now, so you could delay starting the online component until October, and then attend the December face-to-face workshop option.

You do need to have completed the online component, before attending the face-to-face component. 

As this is a Pilot, after everyone has finished the course, we will be evaluating the blended learning approach taken to the program and it's suitability to future participants.

The end-of-course quiz: The MHFA require you to complete an online quiz in order to receive a certificate. Information about this post-course quiz will be provided to you at the face-to-face workshop.

Your Certified MHFA Facilitator of the face-to-face workshop:

Your MHFA Certified face-to-face workshop facilitator will be Steve Bailey. If you have specific questions about the MHFA course, please ask Steve.

Steve Bailey, Campus Wellbeing & Support Services and Certified MHFA trainer
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