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ANNOUNCEMENT: ALL 2017 orientation programs will close December 8th 2017. The new orientation program commences 1st January 2018.

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There are four HDR Supervision Orientation Programs, all designed to meet the needs of HDR Supervisors at differing stages of career. You may meet the criteria for registration on MQSR as a Principal Supervisor. Or you might be hoping to be appointed as a Co-Supervisor. Or you may need to meet a requirement of appointment (Adjunct Supervisors). All the information you need is provided below about what 'course' is right for you.

It is also important that you understand How to Register in HR Online to register in HDR01 or HDR03 or HDR04.

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HDR01 HDR Supervision - Orientation and Registration on the MQSR

  • HDR01 is for HDR Supervisors who are seeking registration on the MQSR as a Principal HDR Supervisor. Completing HDR01 is the first step in the MQSR registration process. 

  • You must meet the criteria for registration in order to do HDR01. Please self-assess your eligibility by visiting the MQ HDR Supervision Policy.

  • Note that the '3 year' rule means you need to be currently employed on a 3 year or more contract, not that you have 3 years left on your contract. (You will not meet this criteria if you have been on a combination of 1 or 2 year contracts for more than 3 years). If you are unsure if Faculty will approve you as meeting this criteria, please discuss with your AD HDR BEFORE doing HDR01.

  • Learning in HDR01 is fully online via iLearn. 

  • Please do HDR03 (below) if you do not yet meet all the criteria for registration. 

HDR03 HDR Supervision - Statement of Completion

HDR03 provides an opportunity for potential supervisors, who do not yet meet MQSR registration requirements, to gain a Statement of Completion. The Statement of Completion has currency for 24 months from the date of completion. It can be presented as evidence for entry into HDR04 "Upgrade to MQSR Registration", when the supervisor is ready to meet registration requirements. Learning is fully online via iLearn.

Why would you do HDR03?

  • You may be seeking appointment as a Co-Supervisor as described in the MQ HDR Supervision Policy;

  • Your Faculty may require you to do some training before supervising MRes;

  • You may know you will meet the criteria for registration within the next 24 months, plan to do HDR03 now, then HDR04 when you do.

HDR04 HDR Supervision - Upgrade to MQSR

Some MQ supervisors have within the past 24 months completed MQ HDR Supervision Orientation, but at the time did not meet the criteria for registration on the MQSR. HDR04 provides a pathway for MQ HDR Supervisors who now meet all the criteria to become registered, without repeating previous learning. 

Learning is fully online.

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