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Transition from MQSR to HR online & your PURE public profile

February 26, 2017

During 2017 MQ will be introducing a new research management tool called PURE. Put simply, this tool will curate all your research data, held in lots of different locations, into your individual public profile. One set of data is your training records in the MQSR. 


Late in 2016 I worked with HR to import all historic MQSR records into HR Online. If you login to HR Online, you will see your records if you follow these steps to your 'training history' and search using the tool.


When PURE is implemented,  your training records that now appear in your HR Online training history, will automatically be swept into your public PURE profile.


The problem of the MQSR

MQSR was a locked box of information that could not be accessed by individual academics registered in it. Supervisors were unable to easily work out when they last did 'training'. This lack of transparency and ease of access made record keeping and record tracking difficult. 


What does this change mean for an academic registered in MQSR?

If your MQSR record has been updated every year, there should be no issues and you do not need to do anything.


However, if you have not done any training for some time, your MQSR record will not have been updated.


This will have a flow-through effect to your public PURE profile because it will show the last training you did. All historic HDR supervision training records now appear in your personal HR Online record (please check). This information will automatically appear in your public PURE profile.


If you have not done any recent HDR Supervision training, you may wish to take the opportunity to update your training record. There are two ways of doing this:


1. You can access any of the HDR Supervision professional learning opportunities offered in 2017 - either face to face or via our open learning program.

How do I register in 2017 training opportunities?




2. You can choose to validate your HDR Supervision achievements by doing HDR20 Statement of Supervision Practice - For Experienced Supervisors. This iLearn Module has been designed by A/P Bill Ashraf for experienced HDR Supervisors to validate their experience. Once completed, the module 'HDR20 Statement of Supervision Practice - For Experienced Supervisors' will appear in your HR Online training record and will then automatically appear in your public PURE profile. 


I've looked in HR Online and think some of my records are missing. What should I do?

Read this Blog post.

ALSO: If you signed on to an HDR Supervision workshop Sept-Dec 2016 this won't yet appear in your HR Online. We are working on updating these records. You will hear from us soon.

What is PURE and will it show the HDR Supervision Training I have done?

Read this Blog post.


What is happening to the MQSR?

At present, no changes have happened to the MQSR registration process. HDR Supervisors who meet the criteria for registration still do an orientation program which is now called "HDR01 HDR Supervision - Orientation and Registration on the MQSR". We ask supervisors to register in this in HR Online before they go to an ilearn site to complete the orientation. This way the record is added to both MQSR and individual HR Online records. Read more about this process here


I have a question. Who can I ask?

Please feel free to contact A/P Merilyn Childs at HDR.Supervision[at]



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