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Does the introduction of HR Online as the registration portal for the HDR Supervision Enhancement Program impact on Faculty processes re MQSR?

March 3, 2017



Recently, I wrote to all HDR Supervisors who were already registered on the MQSR and told them about changes taking place to their HDR Supervision training records. In short, training records that were previously in the 'locked box' of MQSR have been uploaded into the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) so that individual academics can now see them in their own HR Online accounts. When PURE is introduced these records will also automatically appear in individual profiles.


I have since been asked: Are there new processes that need to be carried out by the academic, HOD, ADHDR, ADR in order to facilitate the registration of the academic on the MQSR from now on and before PURE is available?


There is a short term answer, and a long term answer.




  • There are no new processes that need to be carried out by the HOD, ADHDR, ADR in order to facilitate the registration of the academic on the MQSR from now on and before PURE is available.

  • Potential supervisors seeking registration on the MQSR do have a changed process. They must now login to HR Online and register in HDR01 HDR Supervision - Orientation and Registration on the MQSR as the first step in seeking approval to be added to MQSR. This step ensures that the record of the training is added to the individual academic's HR record. When PURE is available, it will also be automatically added to an individual's PURE profile under "qualifications". [We are also negotiating to enable the PURE system to have a flag that indicates that the person is a registered supervisor. This is a work in progress].


The changes, and who they impact, are shown below. 

What advice do we now recommend Faculty give to supervisors?

  • All HDR Supervision professional development opportunities are offered via HR Online.

  • The choice of Orientation modules are fully online via iLearn. The link to the relevant ilearn site is provided in the HR Online course information. You can also see the information here

  • Potential supervisors who are employees of MQ, and who self-assess that they meet the criteria for registration in MQSR, should be advised to do HDR01 HDR Supervision - Orientation and Registration on the MQSR.


They do this by going to HR Online and clicking on 'HDR01 - HDR Supervision - Orientation and Registration'.


The below image shows the 'details' provided about HDR01 in HR Online.




I need to check if the HDR Supervisor is up to date with 'annual training'.

You are now able to make this request of the individual supervisor by requesting a copy of their HR Online 'training history'. [Note only 1/3 of HDR Supervisors who supervised a PhD to completion in 2013-2015 had completed annual training. For this reason, mandated training 'stick' is being replaced with a 'reward and recongition approach'.]


I need to check if the HDR Supervisor is registered on MQSR

This process has not changed.





The scheduled review of the HDR Supervision Policy is underway. The review process will provide a renewed set of rules concerning registration. Within a framework of standards, 'inclusion' rather than 'exclusion' will be important in the redesign process.


It is very likely that the MQSR will be phased-out and archived. A replacement process will be designed, in consultation with stakeholders. The aim of the redesign of the process will be to remove the various frustrations and lack of transparency currently caused by the centralised MQSR process. The aim of the redesign will also be to provide more potential supervisors with a pathway to appointment as a supervisor.


At the same time we hope to craft, in consultation with stakeholders, a process that means that the aspirations of the Strategic Research Framework 2015 - 2024 for excellence in HDR Supervision are assured. 


No changes to the Faculty MQSR process will take place until a new policy and related procedures are in place, designed in consultation with stakeholders.


That said, horizon thinking is as follows:

  1. The shift to the use of HR Online as the registration portal is a first step in the bigger picture of change that builds transparency, recognition and currency into HDR Supervision professional learning records

  2. In 2016 the Convenor and the Dean flagged that the mandated requirement to complete annual training will be removed from the HDR Supervision Policy when it is reviewed. This shift is based on an evaluation of the uptake of annual training by supervisors registered in the MQSR. A new approach was recommended. Removal of the mandated training 'stick' will been replaced with a 'reward and recognition' approach. This shift in approach is in harmony with best practice in academic development more generally, and foregrounds impact and evidence. Both underpin the aspirations of the Strategic Research Framework 2015 - 2024.


The shift towards a reward and recognition approach has begun, and already includes:

  1. HDR Supervision professional learning records are now transparent. Supervisors will be able to project a public profile that includes HDR Supervision professional learning in their future PURE profile.

  2. The development of an HDR Supervision Fellowship Program (currently in concept stage) to reward and recognise HDR Supervision across stages of career and experience. A/P Bill Ashraf will be leading this development and will work closely with stakeholders in it's development throughout 2017.

  3. Broadening the criteria for demonstrating evidence of excellence in HDR Supervision appropriate to stage of career has been included in the proposed academic promotion scheme.

  4. The development of professional learning opportunities that foster a supervisor's capacity to develop evidence of supervisory impact and excellence are now being offered as part of continuing professional development for HDR Supervisors (HDR10 HDR Supervision - Career Development for Supervisors).


In addition, it is anticipated that the revised HDR Supervision Policy will, following consultation with stakeholders:

  • clarify categories of supervisors to remove current confusions 

  • reimagine the registration process in the light of changes via HR Online and PURE

  • better enable those working on contracts of 1-3 years to take on a supervisory role

  • clarify MRes supervision rules

  • revise the appointment process in the light of the introduction of PURE, and changes as outlined in this Blog post.



No problems! Send me your questions, and I will write another Blog post that shares your question and my response to it, with the research development community.


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