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Trial change to workflow re the appointment of HDR supervisors & the use of MQSR

November 27, 2017


Replacing the MQSR with PURE


In 2017 a new digital space was introduced at MQ, called the Research Hub. Earlier this year I wrote that the Research Hub (PURE) would replace our use of the MQSR. In late 2017 the retirement of the MQSR was accelerated - the code is so old we are no longer able to edit it, or get One Help to make changes to it. The MQSR will no longer have names added to it, but it will remain available as searchable database current to 8/12/2017 in addition to the research hub, until a decision is made to remove the MQSR from public view.


Trial of a new appointment process 


In 2018 a new process for appointing HDR Supervisors will be trialled. It looks like this. Note that MQSR is not used.



Faculty checking of appointment criteria


From 1st January 2018 Faculty will follow the new workflow, shown above. Criteria for appointment must be checked by Faculty for every new appointment. Each Faculty will need to develop it's own checking process in consultation  with Departments. 


HDR30 HDR Supervision Orientation


Note that the first step in the appointment process is to check that a potential supervisor has HDR30 HDR Supervision Orientation 2018-2020 on their HR Online Training History. By 1st January 2018 all those who currently have HDR99, HDR01, HDR03 and HDR20 will also have HDR30 HDR Supervision Orientation 2018-2020 on their training record. New staff will need to enrol in the course and do it.


Why does HDR30 HDR Supervision Orientation have '2018-2020' in it's name?


The new HDR Supervision Procedure (to be approved) replaces the need for 'annual training' with a requirement that HDR Supervisors maintain currency every three years. This means that someone who has HDR30 HDR Supervision Orientation 2018-2020 on their training record will need to complete HDR20 Statement of Supervision Practice in 2021, 2024, 2027 and so on.

In subsequent years we'll be offering HDRxx HDR Supervision Orientation 2019-2021, HDRxx HDR Supervision Orientation 2020-2022, and so on. This way staff can keep track of their own training.



For further information, contact A/P Merilyn Childs, Convenor HDR Supervision Orientation Program merilyn.childs[at]




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