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A record of the social media story of curriculum transformation of MQ HDR Supervision Enhancement

September 27, 2018

During 2015-2018 I lead the transformation of the HDR Supervision Enhancement Program at Macquarie University. When I joined MQ the Enhancement Program was characterised by a compliance-based, teacher-centred off-the-job training model. My broad brief was to develop a continuing professional development (CPD) approach. 


I brought to this role a background in transforming institutional and academic practices in a digital age; deep and scholarly knowledge about workbased and authentic critical learning; academic development; distributive leadership; and a commitment to policy reform, recognition & reward, and evidence-based practices. I was also committed to mediating structural discriminationexclusionary practices; and to partnering with First Nations people to foster Cultural Competence and Cultural Safety. In the case of the HDR Supervision Enhancement program this meant policy reform to mediate disadvantage for academics without access to tenure, and partnering with Walanga Muru


The transformation I started in 2015 came to fruition in 2018 under the leadership of Associate Professor Bill Ashraf. Bill lead the implementation of -

1. A new ilearn site (using Moodle) for HDR Supervision Orientation, designed on the principles of personalised and authentic learning 

2. A newly design HDR Supervision Fellowship Program

3. A Pilot of the Associate Fellowship Training Pathway


At the end of 2018 my role at MQ will change. I am taking this opportunity to bring together into one place the resources I developed during my three year journey to explain to my peers what was taking place.


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Policy Reform Contributions

Childs, M. & Mansfield N. 2017 wrote the HDR Supervision Criteria for the Macquarie University Academic Promotions Criteria.


HDR Supervision Policy and Procedure, 2018


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