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October 21, 2018

The new MQ HDR Supervision Policy revised supervisory categories. One new addition was the Research Masters Supervisor.


What existed before?

The previous HDR Supervision Policy was written before the introduction of the MRes. This meant that a policy vacuum existed in relationship to the Mres. To fill this vacuum Faculty appointed supervisors based on the previous Principal Supervisor category, appointment criteria and listing on the (now disbanded) MQSR (supervisor register). This had a number of consequences, such as excluding early-career supervisors from being appointed.


What happens now?

Candidates enrolled in an MRes are now supervised by a Research Masters Supervisor. The Research Masters Supervisor:

  • Must be a Macquarie University staff member

  • Must have met mandatory training requirements for HDR Supervision

  • Must be research active according to the Macquarie University definition

  • Holds a qualification at or above Master of Research or equivalent

  • Is employed on a minimum of a 12-month contract for the duration of the appointment, or where the candidate is part-time, is appointed on the discretion of Faculty that the person can provide ‘continuity of supervision’.

Does a Research Masters Supervisor have to be a member of a supervisor team or panel?

No. The Policy does not stipulate this. The minimum requirement is a Research Masters Supervisor.


Can additional supervisors be appointed if needed?

Yes, this is entirely up to Faculty. For example, if the candidate is Indigenous, or the research involves Indigenous peoples, it may be appropriate to appoint a Higher Degree Research Cultural Advisor. There may be reasons to appoint a Adjunct Higher Degree Research Supervisor or a Higher Degree Research Advisor. This is a local decision based on the candidate's supervisory needs.


What does 'mandatory training requirements' mean?

Follow this link to find out about the HDR Supervision Orientation Program. Currency in supervision training must be maintained by updating every four years. 


Are supervisors 'registered'?

In the past staff 'became' supervisors (as if for life) by becoming registered on the MQSR - it was assumed once on the MQSR that they met the criteria. 

Under the new policy Supervisors must meet minimum standards for appointment every time they are appointed to supervise. To understand the workflow for appointment for MQ staff, follow this link.










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