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Recognition of Current Competence for HDR30 HDR Supervision Orientation

New process for very experienced HDR Supervisors


All staff who wish to be appointed as an HDR Supervisor must have HDR30 HDR Supervision Orientation on their HR Online record. Most new staff at MQ will need to complete HDR30 in iLearn


Very experienced HDR Supervisors are now able to claim recognition of current competence, rather than complete the ilearn tasks. The exception to this is the Task related to Cultural Safety and HDR Supervision. All new staff who seek to be appointed as an HDR Supervisor must have completed this module. There are no exceptions.


Claim for Current Competence (CC)

If you are a highly experienced HDR Supervisor, you may claim most of HDR30 through a Claim for Current Competence. You MUST do HDR Supervision and Cultural Competence once it is available. You CANNOT request exemption for this Task of HDR30.


The following must be included in your Claim for Current Competence:

1. Name, position, staff number, email address

2. A detailed rationale for why you believe you should be granted HDR30 (except for the Cultural Competence Module) through recognition of current competence

3. Any records you have of previous HDR Supervision training

4. A Summary CV (max 5 pages)

5. An acknowledgment that you have read and are familiar with the HDR Supervision Policy and Procedure

6. An acknowledgment that you understand the process for appointment as an HDR Supervisor

7. An acknowledgment that you know how to find your HDR30 Record

8. An acknowledgment that you must do the HDR Supervision and Cultural Competence Task of HDR30 (once it is available).


Who decides if a staff member should submit a Claim for Current Competence (CC)?


It is up to the individual staff member to self-assess if they feel their claim will be successful and validated. If unsure, contact A/P Bill Ashraf to discuss.


How does a staff member submit a Claim for Current Competence (CC)?


Instructions for how to submit a claim for Current Competence is available on the HDR30 iLearn site.




Validation of HDR30 lasts four years. All staff who wish to supervise an HDR candidate must update their training every four years. This requirement ensures that HDR Supervisors are aware of any changes that take place in HDR Supervision every four years. Staff who have not yet completed cultural safety training will be required to do so when they retrain. 



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